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January 24, 2010
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Lovino wandered around the school grounds with his twin, Veniciano. Even with sporting the school outfits, the Italian brothers had added their usual touch of appeal to keep the saying of "The Italians are lovers". Though the whole school wore just about the exact same outfit, the Italian brothers somehow did something to themselves that added that special touch that made it work. It might've been the way that they would flirt with any girl they came in contact with. It also very well could've been that look in their eyes, the way they would half-dreamily look at their targets. They would say things like, "Che bellezza!" and "Sei irresistibile!" while capturing various hearts.

Sure, the boys were jealous that some of them had trouble hitting on the girls as well as the Italians did, but they couldn't get tips from them. After all, even though the school was extremely multicultural and had at least one person from every country, there were only two Italians, and they couldn't just give away their secrets. They had magical ways of swooning every girl, and they weren't about to give that up.

Veniciano was kind to everyone. He would flirt with the girls then talk with the guys. Although some people had to question him what with the way he acted around the most popular German student. Veniciano was awfully friendly with Ludwig. However, most people who thought that dismissed that thought the moment he set eyes on a girl and set his status to flirt. He was an overall friendly guy.

His brother, however, was not quite as lenient and happy as Veniciano. To the girls, he was the most romantic and sweetest guy. On the other hand, he was about as cruel as could be to any man. If a guy approached him he pushed him away and shouted profanities at him. He especially hated the German man his twin had taken a habit of hanging around with. Repeatedly he would pull his brother away shouting to the German saying he was a 'potato bastard'. Even to the teachers he'd have a bit of an attitude to. Wink at the females scowl at the males. That is how he dealt with his teachers. Lovino enjoyed his classes, but he was very gender specific on who would receive the nice treatment, and who would not.
As the twins came up to their accustomed lunch table and sat down, one of Lovino's teachers had shown up to them, and asked to speak to Lovino in private. Being a male teacher, Lovino instantly puffed out his cheeks and replied with a firm "No".

It took a small push from his brother to get Lovino going. The teacher led Lovino to his room and leaned against his desk when the door was closed and the silence surrounded them. "Mr. Vargas, I need to talk to you about your grade in this class." Lovino puffed out his cheeks and turned to the side. "Mr. Vargas, you need to look me in the face and tell me what's wrong."

Lovino shook his head. "What does it matter?" He huffed.

"Mr. Vargas. You know that some of the biggest grading in my class goes to class participation. I ask you to come up during class and you don't even talk to me. Mr. Vargas, you have a C- in this class, and it's about to go down to a D. Heck, sometimes you don't even turn in your work," He began to point at the Italian, "If you don't get yourself in shape, I don't see you passing this class."

Lovino was leaning on one of the desks in the front row and let out a big sigh, "Isn't there any extra credit or something I could do?" After a long silence of neither one of them speaking, he finally looked the teacher in the eye and decided it was time to speak up. "Mr. Fernandez, let me clear some things up, I only need this class so I can get into certain colleges. Spanish class isn't the world to me, so just give me some extra credit and I'll keep a steady C." He hated talking to teachers, especially male ones. They always have to seem so matter-of-fact, bossy, and 'I know you can do it' when they really don't give a damn.

The elder male looked up at the ceiling for a long time. So long that Lovino even looked up to see if maybe there was something stuck up there, but when he saw nothing, looked back at the teacher and waited impatiently for a response. "Mr. Vargas-"

"Just call me Lovino." He was sick of hearing 'Mr. Vargas' over and over and over again. He wanted to say 'Just get on with it already, dammit'!

The messy-haired brunette looked to the windows, although there was nothing to look at since the blinds were closed, like they always were. "Lovino, I can give you extra credit." He almost smiled at that, but held it back. He wanted to see if the extra credit he was being given was even worth a smile. "And not just that, I think it could help you with your problem with males."

"Problem with males?" Lovino had to repeat that last part. "I don't have a problem with males." He chuckled lightly. "I can deal with them just fine." He was still leaning on the desk, but more-so forward than before.

"Lovino I think you do. You're very stubborn, almost as if you're afraid of them. Do they tease you? Do they seem more muscular and intimidating? Tell me what it is that makes you act so cold to other males." Mr. Fernandez tried to push the info out of his student.

"T-This is not of your business!" He muttered more under his breath, Mr. Fernandez could have sworn he heard a sound like 'chigii'. "You don't have the right to ask things like that!" He puffed out his cheeks and began to blush. He hated situations like these, just hated them.

The teacher turned to his desk, grabbed a tomato out of a basket, tossed it once in the air, caught it, and then held it in between his index finger and his thumb with his arm extended. Lovino looked questionably at his teacher, but tried to keep his annoyed expression on. Although it was hard to do considering a tomato was being held up to his face. "W-what are you doing!?" He finally asked.

His teacher laughed slightly. "I'm sorry, but your face was turning red, it looked like a tomato!" He smiled cheerfully as he set his tomato back in the basket where it belonged. With a light snigger, he stopped his tomato appreciation session, and continued talking. He showed a soft smile and continued where they left off. "Anyways, Lovino, I know you have a problem-"

"So do you! Hold up a tomato to some one's face then act as if nothing happened, freak." He quickly yelled, any excuse stopping the conversation about his problem with males.

"Now now Lovino..." He waggled his finger at the teen. "No interrupting, what is so hard about telling me what's wrong?" He looked at Lovino for an answer.
"Well for starters you're my teacher, not my parent." Lovino pointed out defensively.

"Lovino I'd like to be something more than just a teacher, I want to help you with your issues." He shot back.

Finally the teen had given up on hiding the fact that he had an issue. "And what possibly could you do to help?" He questioned.

Mr. Fernandez had taken a step forward to Lovino, only to watch him try and move back away from him. "Lovino, I want to help." Lovino looked curiously at him, but stopped trying to move back. "I promise I want to do nothing more than help you, I hate seeing a student in trouble," He was able to get as much as to lay a hand on Lovino's shoulder. "It pains me to, you know. By the way, you can call me Antonio, we can excuse the formalities." His gaze travelled to the stray curl that was there every day. Curiously he grabbed it and twiddled it between his fingers before saying more reassuring vocabulary.

Lovino's face flushed, "Aaahhh~" He let out an almost painful moan, "M-Mr. Fernandez!" He clasped his hands over his mouth as his eyelids hung heavy, half-closing his gaze at the teacher.
He could only stare at the teen. Had he done that? Had he done that by touching that single curly strand? Before he could feel any guilt he twiddled the curl again between his fingers. "M-Mr. F-Fernandez! Mmmhh...please stop that!" He tried to say through a shaky voice. His mouth hung agape, then quickly closed at the small boy. He felt his face heat up as he began to comprehend the sound the boy had just made because of him. A teacher had just made a student moan. Was that against the rules?

Lovino's face was heated and red, "L-let go!" He slapped his teachers hand away from the strand of hair. Gaining a steady breath he half-glared at the teacher, "W-why did you do that? Haven't you ever heard the saying, 'Curiosity killed the cat'!?" He suddenly realized just how close his teacher was to him.

"Yes..." The elder trailed off as he turned his gaze away for a moment. He tried to comprehend what he had just done. Was it really right to feel this way about a teenager? One of his own students? However, the face he had made, red as a tomato, cute as a button. He sighed; he'd ponder on it later. "Satisfaction brought it back." He cupped the teenager's small face in his muscular adult hands. He leaned forward and locked lips with the Italian. He felt the petite boy tremble a bit under him but reassuringly felt him kiss back. Feeling that, Antonio moved his hands down to the tiny waist and wrapped around it.

He moved them so that they twirled around to where Lovino was pressed against the teacher's desk. At this point Lovino had pressed his hands against Antonio's chest and pulled away. "Ant-...Mr. Fernandez, this is wrong." He looked away blushing.

" this why you're afraid of other men?" He paused. "Are you attracted to them?" He saw Lovino's face flush. He suddenly looked stern. "Lovino, I told you I'd help you. In a sense I'm helping you."

"You're a horny Spanish teacher hitting on a student." The Italian responded blatantly.

"I'm helping you through a problem and giving you extra credit." Antonio pointed out.

"This is the extra credit?" "Oh come on, I've already kissed you and…did something else I'm not even sure what I did with your little curly thingamajig right there. You can't just stop me right here when you so obviously kissed back.
Lovino looked ashamed, but shut his eyes tight. "If you promise you'll give me extra credit and if you really mean that this will help me through my problems." His face flushed with embarrassment.

Antonio smiled trying to ease his nerves. "I promise." He pecked Lovino on the cheek, which made him flinch, and then continued on with his actions. "But first, might I ask, what is this?" He pointed his head at the stray curl on Lovino's head.
He looked away uncomfortably. "Erogenous zone." He mumbled. Antonio just barely caught it and seemed intrigued. "Don't touch it."

Before Antonio could get any more ideas Lovino pulled Antonio down for a soft kiss. He could feel the Spaniard smile as he took the lead. The Italian began thinking, just how much extra credit is he going to get?
"Hey! Lovino!" Veniciano giggled as he walked home with his brother, "So what did Mr. Fernandez want to talk to you about? You were gone ALL lunch! Luckily I didn't get bored Ludwig with me!"

Lovino didn't even focus on Ludwig; he was more focused on hiding the blush that dressed his nose, cheeks and ears. "I-I'm not doing so well in Spanish. But Mr. Fernandez is giving me extra credit."

"Oh! Wow, really? I love when teachers give extra credit!" Veniciano announced as he watched his brother's face, it was slightly pink. "Oh?"


"Oh nothing~ What's the extra credit?"

"I just have to go to his classroom during lunch and help him organize the room." He navigated his gaze away from his brother's.

"Oh~ I see!" He smiled as he turned away contently. "You should've taken the German language class, it's a lot of fun!"

"No way! Plus, I think I'm starting to like Spanish a lot more now. I just won't ever admit it to Mr. Fernandez."
Human names used.
Setting: Random High School
Pairing: Spain Romano
Teacher-Student pairing
Implied Germany/Italy

Don't like, don't comment.

>////> I dislike my writing, I think I need a LOT of improvement, but I liked this one in the beginning so I decided to post it.
Beeteedubz, I do NOT own anything here
Enjoy o///o *hides in corner*
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